It was Bitcoin that served as the foundation for the dawning world of digital currencies. It’s rightfully called“digital gold” in the market, as confirmed by its value and features, which include limited issuance and complicated mining. The first step towards creation of the crypto-currency was made in 2009, as a sophisticated process of calculations followed by encryption and creation of a digital key. Now you can buy bitcoin with credit card at any time.

The number of coins will reach its limit of 21,000,000 units by 2040, which is provided for by the calculation system used for BTC mining. As of today, about 12,000,000 units have been mined; they were initially distributed among all the participants whose computers were involved in the mining process. Nowadays, the profitability of crypto-currency mining is derived from the value of one coin, and the expenses have been growing progressively. All transfers of coins from one user to another are irreversible, and reflected in the list of transactions. In addition, it’s not possible to track where the digital money went. All buy and sell operations involving Bitcoins are conducted directly between the participants of the deal, in a decentralized manner. That is, a common server in not involved in such an operation. As a result, no government bodies or other organizations can control the turnover of digital money in the world markets.